Corporate History

Sengenics is an immuno-diagnostics and therapeutics biotechnology company. Our core focus is leveraging our core patented Immunome technology for discovering antibody-based therapeutics and diagnostic signatures for immune system disorders.

The Immunome protein array platform was originally developed by Prof Jonathan Blackburn through a collaboration between the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Prof Blackburn established a spin-out company from Cambridge University in 1996 to commercialise the Immunome technology. He is the current CSO of Sengenics and the driver of the company’s R&D strategy. The company owns the set of patents for both the fundamental underlying technology as well as commercialisation and joint IP rights for discoveries and applications made with the Immunome platform.

In addition to the Immunome technology, Sengenics also has a clinical genomics business unit which is focused on prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and treatment using cutting-edge genomics and proteomics technologies. These products are patented and proprietary tests for Human diseases that use the GalaxC, Exomax, ThalaSURE and Genoverse brand names.

The company has been awarded a variety of international awards and has been featured in numerous commercial reports on clinical genomics and array-based proteomics. Notable awards include the 2013 Biomedical Excellence Award and the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2014 Award for Genomics Diagnostics.