Corporate History

Sengenics is a Functional Proteomics company focused on leveraging its core patented “Immunome” protein array technology for developing new diagnostic tests and therapies for Human disease. The fundamental research for Immunome was led by Prof Jonathan Blackburn as a collaboration between Oxford and Cambridge University in the late 1990s.

> The 5 key applications of Immunome are:

  1. Discovery of autoantibody-based therapeutics
  2. Discovery of autoantibody biomarkers for diagnostics
  3. Stratification of human response to drugs based on autoantibodies
  4. Characterisation of protein interactions with any other biomolecule
  5. Functional assays for any protein and any interacting biomolecule

> The 4 key target markets for Sengenics are researchers working in a Pharmaceutical, Biotech or Academic institution doing research, development, screening, diagnosis and commercialisation in any of the following fields:

  1. Developing new diagnostics tests and therapeutics for any condition where an autoimmune response is involved. This includes cancers, autoimmune diseases, autism and most neurodegenerative diseases.
  2. Clinical trials for any drug that induces a toxic response that can be measured using autoantibodies.
  3. Developmental research, screening or testing of vaccines or response to vaccines.
  4. Diagnosis and research of infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites.

> Sengenics 3 core competencies are:

  1. Production of correctly folded, functional, full-length proteins from any species in its bespoke high-throughput protein production facility.
  2. Rapid development of bespoke applications for the Immunome technology for drug development and human disease research.
  3. Commercialisation of diagnostic, predictive or therapeutic biomolecules unilaterally or in partnership with pharmaceutical or academic institutions.

In addition to the Immunome technology, Sengenics also has a clinical genomics business unit which is focused on prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and treatment using cutting-edge genomics and proteomics technologies. These products are patented and proprietary tests for Human diseases that use the GalaxC, Exomax, ThalaSURE and Genoverse brand names.

The company has been awarded a variety of international awards and has been featured in numerous commercial reports on clinical genomics and array-based proteomics. Notable awards include the 2013 Biomedical Excellence Award and the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2014 Award for Genomics Diagnostics.