What is Genoverse?

Genoverse is the first truly personalised genetic test, custom-tailored to male and female risk markers from more than 30 ethnic origins. Genoverse is based on over 1000 scientific studies covering more than 100,000 people, giving you the most reliable information about your genetic risk.

         Asianised DNA test

              More meaningful result

         Competitive pricing 

              More markers at lower cost

         Custom package

              Based on your gender & interest

         Developed using UK technology

Benefits for patients

  • Genoverse can tell you if you have genetic mutation for that specific disease
  • Testing can end the uncertainty surrounding the chance of developing the condition
  • You can find out what you pass on to your children. It can allow time to plan for the future health care
  • It can help you make more realistic life choices (e.g employment decisions, informed reproductive decisions)
  • care straAppropriate screening and treatment options can be initiated to prevent or slow down the onset of the condition and promote well-being
  • If an alteration is not detected, a huge burden may be lifted and a less stressful life may be led

Benefits to Doctors

  • Genoverse results allows the Doctors to obtain a genetic blueprint mapped out of their patients (before on set of the disease)
  • It can be used as powerful tool to assist the Doctors to have a clearer understanding on patients genetic health status
  • It will assist the Doctors to structure a personalized healthcare strategies, drug or nutritional therapies for patients

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