Key Applications

Antibody-based therapeutics

  • Pre-clinical discovery of therapeutic antibodies
  • Identification of high-value drug candidates
  • Discover antibodies with high affinity & specificity

Antigen autoantibody

  • Autoantibody biomarker discovery
  • Autoantibody-mediated ADRs
  • Monitoring immune response to infection

Protein-protein interactions

  • Discover novel protein connections
  • Predict new interactome models
  • Map protein pathways

Protein-small molecule

  • Kinase inhibition assays
  • Identify off-target interactions
  • Know their mechanisms of action

Protein-DNA interactions

  • Quantify DNA binding efficiency of proteins
  • Study DNA repair mechanisms
  • Anti-virus research

Antibody specificity

  • Determine interaction with linear AND conformational epitopes
  • Analyse off-target cross-reactivity