Autoantibody Detection

Secreted proteins and nuclear proteins play a role in numerous disease states and in diverse cellular functions including development, cell proliferation and invasiveness and these proteins play an integral role in a disease state or the biological pathway leading to disease. Since autoantibodies can be detected many years before onset of autoimmune diseases, it is an ideal target for early diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. So their identification and characterization may lead to an understanding of disease paradigms.

Immunome protein array has 1,631 full-length, correctly folded, and functional human proteins. To our knowledge this is the only protein array in the world where every protein is known to be correctly folded. The unique BCCP tag technology ensures that only correctly folded, functional and full-length proteins are presented on the array, making Immunome an ideal tool for autoantibody biomarker profiling. Immunome allows Immune system modelling, Monitoring of global immune response and disease states in personalized medicine and profiling of sera to discover new disease biomarkers.