Image Analysis

Array images can be analyzed by any image quantification software including analysis software provided by scanner manufacturers, third-party software, or open source programs.

Figure below is a brief description of how image analysis is done for Sengenics Immunome using

GenePix Pro 7 software.


Load .tiff Image

Array images are automatically barcoded and saved in .tiff format after scanning. .tiff images are loaded into GenePix Pro 7 software to be analysed.

Note: GenePix only reads image data in 16 bit gray scale formats

Automatic Spot Detection

A GAL (GenePix Array List) file for each array is generated to aid image analysis. Each GAL file will contain a list of proteins with respect to their positions on each array. Please note GAL files are grid files specific to GenePix software and may not be compatible with any other software. Loading the GAL file onto GenePix Pro 7 software will automatically generate grids on the array slide. Grids are then automatically aligned on each spots for data extraction.

Results: Data Output

Data extraction is done after automatic spot alignment. Results consist of; probe name, protein name, position, median Relative Fluorescence Unit (RFU) and background RFU for each spots. Results are output and saved in .gpr format.