Sengenics offers different products and solutions tailored to your research needs.

1. Off-the-shelf Array

The standard array consists of a list of proteins based on existing library of more than 1600 proteins chosen on basis of being candidate biomarkers.

  • Proteins are printed in quadruplicates for standard slides.

We recommend this solution for pilot and/or exploratory studies within these applications:

  • Autoantibody biomarker discovery
  • Predicting vaccine responsiveness
  • Infectious disease diagnostics

The standard format of the slide is as below:

2. Custom Slides

Slides can also be custom made to your needs. This can be done with any number of proteins*, cloned and expressed in any species, in the configuration that you want. Furthermore, different isoforms of a certain protein can be made to enable you to look at the differences in reactivity across different isoforms of your protein. The custom slides are available in the following formats:

This solution is particularly appropriate for later stage studies whereby potential biomarkers have already been identified.

3. Supply of Proteins

Protein production service is available for any type and number of proteins using one of the expression systems below:

4. Immunome Technology Access Programme (iTAP)

The Immunome Technology Accesss Programme (iTAP) is primarily targeted at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to rapidly enhance and grow their biomarker, drug and diagnostic discovery portfolios in a deep collaborative fashion by fully leveraging Sengenics’ Immunome protein array technology.