Technology Overview

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World’s only correctly folded full-length protein array

The Sengenics Immunome protein array contains more than 1600 full-length human proteins.

EVERY protein is correctly folded and functional. This ensures that both conformational and linear epitopes are recognised. Hence, results from using the Immunome array are far more likely to be biologically meaningful.

Every protein on the array is cloned in frame with the BCCP folding marker. Misfolded proteins will not become biotinylated and are washed away.

Only correctly folded proteins will become biotinylated and immobilized on the array.


Why is immunome better?
Other Array 1
Other Array 2
Expression System
E. Coli
Correctly folded
Functionally verified
Conformational & linear epitopes
Post-translational modifications
Protein replicates
Membrane proteins can be attached embedded in fragments of cell membrane
  • Expressing the full length protein embedded in the insect cell membrane
  • Use differential detergent extractions or sonication to partially disrupt the membranes, allowing the BCCP-tagged protein to be immobilised onto a streptavidin surface
  • Leave protein sitting in fragment of membrane, then don’t have to worry about orientation