Lab FAQs

It will take approximately 7 hours. Please refer to the protocol here

Serum Assay Binding (SAB) Buffer is used thorughout the experiment, both for diluting the samples as well as washing. Please refer to for the recipe of SAB buffer.

Please wear gloves when handling the slides. Hold the slides only at the barcoded area. Please do not touch the active side of the array. Make sure the active side of the array is facing upwards and submerged in the appropriate solutions during incubation.

Please refer to the protocol of sample preparation here

If properly stored, the arrays have a shelf life of at least 18 months for most applications

No, you cannot use a tilting shaker. Please use a horizantal shaker. This is to prevent mixing of solutions between chambers.

The slides should be stored at -20°C

It is advisable to prepare fresh SAB buffer before running the slides . If that is not feasible, the buffer can be stored at 4°C up to 1 week.

The used slides are stored in a slide box in a cool dry environment.

Yes, however, from our experience the maximum storage time is one week. The intensities decrease over time.

Once the order has been confirmed by providing us the Purchase Order or signed Order form, our Support team will contact you via email on Samples Submission and Shipment SOP. You will also need to fill in the KREX Project Form and Sample Annotation Form (if applicable) which will be attached in the email before proceeding with the samples submission. We recommend the customer to always use World Courier for samples shipment as they have experience in handling dry ice shipments.

Yes you may also purchase our slides to be run in your own lab. Please email us at [email protected]

We do not recommend stripping the arrays and reprobing, as this may compromise the integrity of the proteins.

If it is not feasible to scan the slides immediately after run (recommended), the finished arrays can be stored overnight, in dark to avoid photobleaching.



sero-profiling platform

CTA array

Screening of 200+
cancer-testis antigens

Custom array

Flexible format for
high-throughput screening

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