Companion Diagnostics for Cancer and Autoimmune Drugs

Stratify patients based on autoantibody profiles detected using our KREX technology into responders, non-responders and those presenting with ADRs. This can enable delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time as well as guiding strategies for improving drug efficacy, safety and reduction of ADRs.

Autoantibody-based Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Discover novel autoantibody biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancers, autoimmune and neurodegenerative diseases. Some of these autoantibodies are protective and may be in themselves be developed into actual therapeutic biomolecules.

Drug Discovery

The inactivation of p53 is widely established as a key feature in most cancers. Restoring the function of clinically significant p53 mutant proteins has become a major therapeutic target for cancer therapy. The OncoREX p53 cancer array has 100 functional p53 variants available for screening of small molecules to discover drugs that may target p53.

Custom Arrays

We have a library of 1000s of Human, Viral and Bacterial proteins, all expressed using our novel KREX technology. These proteins are correctly folded and functionally validated. Custom arrays for any number of proteins, in any format can be manufactured for high-throughput screening and validation studies.


Protein Array

sero-profiling platform

Protein Array

Screening of
cancer-testis antigens

OncoREX p53
Cancer Array

Cancer drug
screening and discovery

Protein Array

Flexible format for
high-throughput screening

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