Sengenics believes that forging strong external alliances is an essential part of our strategy to access great science. Sengenics is pursuing potential collaborators for early stage opportunities in order to identify and develop innovative products in the following areas of interest:

  1. Autoantibodies related to cancer, autoimmune diseases and Parkinson’s
    • Discovery of autoantibodies that can be diagnostic biomarkers
    • Discovery of autoantibodies that have therapeutic potential
  1. Discovery of autoantibodies that can stratify drug response
    • Companion diagnostics for early and late stage clinical trials for cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune disease drugs
    • Companion diagnostics for drugs that are already on the market that have to be used by every patient
  1. Customised applications leveraging the KREX™ technology
    • Custom viral and bacterial KREX-based arrays to screen new vaccines
    • Custom viral and bacterial KREX-based arrays for screening individuals for quantitative immune protectivity status prior to vaccine clinical trials

The KREX™ technology (KREX™) or discoveries using KREX™ can be licensed. Sengenics also has a royalty model depending on specific scenarios as shown below:

  • KREX™ technology license (iTAP)

    Full technology transfer of KREX™. Sengenics grants a site-specific, restricted use, royalty bearing license to KREX™-related patents. In addition, full training and on-site support is provided.

  • Biomarker IP license and Royalties

    Sengenics has more than a dozen signed collaboration agreements for a variety of mass market addressable conditions such as Lung Cancer, Zika, Autism, Ageing, Transplantation Rejection and Prostate Cancer.

  • Royalties on companion diagnostics

    Sengenics has a number of collaborations with top pharma and academic institutions in which patients from clinical drug trials have been stratified into responders and non-responders. The 2 main classes of drugs that have been addressed are cancer immunotherapy immune checkpoint inhibitors and drugs for autoimmune diseases.


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