Autoantibody Biomarker Discovery

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Study Design:

  • Identification of novel autoantibodies in SLE and stratification of subgroups of SLE individuals.


  • 4 SLE subgroups were categorised based on hierarchical clustering and principal component analysis (PCA) with known autoantigens such as TROVE2 (Ro60) and SSB (La) forming a single cluster and novel TGF-β signalling (SMAD2 and SMAD5) and TLR signalling (My88) autoantigens forming another cluster.

Drug Companion Diagnostics

Checkpoint Inhibitor Melanoma Trial

Study Design:

  • Metastatic melanoma, BRAF mutant patients, treated with experimental checkpoint inhibitor drugs.


  • Stratified patients into 3 cohorts (responsive, non-responsive, toxic).

Protein Interaction Assays

DNA-Protein Interaction Study

Study Design:

  • p53 microarray printed onto a neutravidin-derivatised dextran hydrogel surface probed with Cy3-labelled GADD45 duplex oligo


  • Quantitative parallel thermodynamic analysis revealed previously unknown functional effects of mutation on p53 protein-DNA interaction
  • Differential DNA binding activity of p53 mutant proteins
  • Quantitative analysis unravels mechanistic differences between ‘loss of function’ mutations 



sero-profiling platform

CTA array

Screening of 200+
cancer-testis antigens

Custom array

Flexible format for
high-throughput screening

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