Symphoni is a proprietary Sengenics database of Human autoantibody profiles

  • 10,000s of Human autoantibody profiles

  • Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, African and Malay samples

  • True positive samples from cancers, autoimmune, metabolic and  neurological disorders

  • Biologically meaningful results as KREX™-based proteins have linear and  conformational epitopes

Symphoni can be used to:

  • Improve specificity of autoantibody signatures by filtering out biomarkers for  other diseases and aging

Symphoni can only be accessed by:

  • Collaboration partners

  • iTAP licensees



High-throughput platform of 1600+
immunomodulatory proteins

CTA array

High-throughput protein array of
200+ cancer-testis antigens

Custom array

Flexible miniaturised format for
high-throughput screening

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