Technical Performance

Exceptional consistency

Protein arrays made with the KREX technology exhibit exceptional consistency as measured by the coefficient of variation percentage (CV%).

This graph shows the CV% of intra-protein replicates run on the KREX p53 cancer array compared to a non-KREX protein array (PX). The mean CV% for the p53 cancer array was 7.2% and 37% for protein array PX.

Excellent signal-to-noise ratio

The correct folding of proteins on KREX protein arrays ensures that both continuous and discontinuous epitopes are preserved, hence all antibody binding sites are available. This leads to KREX arrays having very high specificity, and by extension, a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Highly reproducible

KREX-based protein arrays use multiple positive and negative controls to measure reproducibility within, and across, studies and batches.

The graph below shows an almost perfect Pearson correlation of above 0.97 when comparing autoantibody levels across 6,524 protein data points in two different batches.

Picomolar sensitivity

Autoantibodies on KREX-based protein arrays can be detected at very high sensitivity, only 1 – 10 µl of serum is required. The detection limit is in the 10 pg/ml range, with a dynamic range of 4 to 5 orders of magnitude.


Protein Array

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Protein Array

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